Poster Presentation Awards

◆ Best Poster Presentation Award

P13: Development of electrolyte in metal-supported solid oxide electrolysis cells on CO2 electrolysis performance.
Kosuke Umeda, Yuko Maruyama, Sho Kuzukami, Shuzo Tominaga, Tan Zhe, Yukitaka Kato, Hiroki Takasu

◆ Poster Presentation Award

P6: Once-through High Burnup Fuel Management Strategy with Dual Neutron Energy Spectrum Core in HTGR

Hong Fatt Chong, Hiroshi Sagara

P15: Material Development for Thermochemical Energy Storage Using Magnesium Chloride and Ammonia Gas-Solid Reaction System for utilization of energy

Tetta Enosawa, Saki Yoshida, Hiroki Takasu, Yukitaka Kato

P17: Effect on electrolysis performance depending on cell layer composition of metal-supported solid oxide electrolysis cells

Sho Kuzukami, Kosuke Umeda, Shuzo Tominaga, TAN Zhe, Hiroki Takasu and Yukitaka Kato

P4: Safety and proliferation resistance of small and medium-sized sodium-cooled fast reactors with passive shutdown devices

Haruka Okazaki, Masatoshi Kawashima, Hiroshi Sagara

P16: Development of thermochemical energy storage materials with enhanced thermal conductivities using calcium hydroxide and silicon-impregnated silicon carbide foam

Kyosuke Mochizuki, Shigehiko Funayama, Soichiro Tamano, Takashi Kato, Massimiliano Zamengo, Hiroki Takasu, Yukitaka Kato

Oral Presentation

  • 15 min presentation + 5min Q&A (Total 20 min)
  • The electronic file of the presentation must be submitted directly to staff in each presentation room by the morning of your presentation day.
  • The electronic file of the presentation can be accepted in PPT or PDF format.
  • Your own computers are NOT used in your presentations in principle. If you have a special request to use your own computer, please contact us at prior to the beginning of the conference.
  • We guarantee to delete your file completely in our computer after the conference.
  • Please check Guidelines for Oral Presenter

Poster Presentation

  • All poster presenters are REQUIRED to make a 1.5-min-talk in the poster short presentation session (10:00 - 11:00) on Jan. 12th.
  • Your talk file MUST be sent to by Jan. 6th.
  • The electronic file of the poster short presentation MUST be made ONLY in PDF format (see the sample).
  • Your poster can be put on the board from 9:00 on Jan. 12th.
  • The size of the poster must be smaller than 130cm in length x 90cm in width.
  • The poster session will be scheduled between 12:00 to 13:00 for ODD ID # presenters and 13:00 to 14:00 for EVEN ID # presenters on Jan. 12th.
  • All posters will be voted on by all participants, and some selected posters will be awarded at the closing session ceremony on Jan. 12th.